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The Red Mangroves of Central Florida

Red Mangroves in Central Florida

Florida's Coastline Estuaries and Forest Habitat

Tuesday June 19, 2018

Florida's coastal flood plains and shorelines are teaming with life in the mangrove lined waterways and the red mangrove is an important member of the Florida ecosystem. Red mangroves prominently display long hanging roots that arch down toward and into the water often several feet or meters below the waterline. Fish and other marine life use these "prop" roots as shelter and habitat for dwelling, feeding and reproducing. They are great nurseries for many Florida gamefish, shellfish and crustaceans and provide much needed habitat for the marine foodchain system.

As an anger, most of us look toward the red mangrove roots for it's recreational sportsfishing importance. One of the most sought after gamefish in Florida is the common snook and it's home is often in and amongst the roots of the red mangrove. Jewfish or Goliath Grouper often hang around and growing up in the mangrove estuary too.

Commercial Fisherman that provide us with all of our seafood in the Florida are aware of the importance of this mangrove for breeding and growing grounds for oysters, clams, snapper, grouper, shrimp and crabs. The destruction of mangrove shorelines is having a devastating effect on the ability of the commercial seafood industry as well as recreational and anglers and eco tourism.

Florida's red mangrove cannot be understated as one of the most important parts of it's marine estuary environment. The protection and proliferation of the red mangrove must be looked after by us for the welfare of Florida's wildlife and prosperity.

I went to one of my friend's backyards and took this photograph of a healthy young red mangrove. He felt it was important to contribute to the mangrove community and the health of the ecosystem by nuturing and helping establish all mangroves including the red mangrove in the photo above.

My daughter Mekenzie is working on a video of the mangroves around where we live in Cocoa Beach. I will be assisting her in this project and will post the video on the <habitat.lagooner.com> portiion of our website soon.

Perfectly suited for the shallow water lagoons of Central Florida, the red mangrove is an important part of the native eco-system in the Indian River Lagoon and it's adjacent waterways.

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Author Captain Richard Bradley

Captain Richard Bradley is the author and contributor for many of the articles written on the Lagooner website. Richard is a professional fishing guide, taking anglers in his native waters near the Banana and Mosquito Lagoons on Florida's central east coast almost three hundred trips seasonally. When not charter fishing, Captain Richard enjoys time with his family surfing, fishing, camping and various other outdoor activities.

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